About the Labanarium

The Labanarium is an online international resource and network centre for the movement community. The focus of the website and network is to explore human movement in all forms, in the tradition of Rudolf Laban.

A non-profit organisation, the Labanarium was born out of a need for practitioners of Laban Movement Analysis to connect to each other, share their practice and to promote the work they are doing in advancing movement research across geographic and institutional borders.

Core Conveners of the Labanarium:

Dr Carol-Lynne Moore CMA, movescapecenter.com

Dr Katya Bloom CMA, depthmovement.com

Alison Henderson GL-CMA, Moving Image Consulting; Reckless Theatre Ensemble

Alison Curtis-Jones, Trinity Laban London; Summit Dance Theatre

Dr Teresa Izzard CMA, Curtin University, Australia

‘movement is the common denominator in all human experience’

Anyone can become a member of this community and it is free to join. The Labanarium welcomes all practitioners, researchers, scholars, students and teachers concerned with movement practice and research which encompasses the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of human movement.

The only requirement for membership is an interest in human movement and an openness to the breadth and diversity of approaches which seek to explore it.

The Labanarium realises that many members of the movement community are doing great work but often in isolation and so this website in tandem with an annual event, seeks to nurture connections and facilitate exchange between its members.

Aims of the Labanarium:

  • To serve as a network and resource centre for the movement community, facilitating connections between members and Groups
  • Promote the practice and research activities of its members through events, website and mailing list
  • Engage with Laban theory and practice as a way to analyse, explore and further the research of human movement both psychological and physical

Groups and Contributors

Any member can create a Group. A group can be one person or many. It can be geographic, by institution or thematic. Groups can be public or private, where members request access from you.

To create a Group please click on Groups . If you’d like to discuss your Group before creating it on the website, please email admin@labanarium.com

Members or Groups can have their activities highlighted on the Featured Contributors page, just email admin@labanarium.com to discuss your contribution/activity.

Becoming a Featured Contributor means you have your own public page dedicated to your work and activities giving you greater visibility and the opportunity to share your practice and research more publicly with the international movement community.

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