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    After teaching a workshop in July 2017 for Labanarium at the University of Surrey, I was invited to write an article about the experience. The workshop title was “When and How to Use LMA in Clinical Practice”. Here, I write about the workshop and the theme.
    Responses and dialogue most welcome!

    • Thank you for sharing Katya. Great article about the experience of using LMA in your workshop. Though I never worked in any clinical practice, but only in the field of pure dance and movement, I learned and experienced during teaching from the beginning, that it is right what one of your participant summed up : “It is important to observe yourself first, even as you are working with someone else.” Very good to mention!!

      • Thanks for your reply, Wanda! I guess it’s this self-observation idea that interests me about improvisation as well. (Improv being the theme of this group I started here on Labanarium.) How to be present – observing one’s changing self within a changing situation – and make intuitive decisions about what and when and how to do/create/say something in the unknown — This seems to me to address the essence of practice in therapy and in art, and in life!

        • Thanks in return, Katya. I completely agree with you and feel the same…not only in dance/movement and art, but first of all in life itself. If it has a strong place there, it is almost a natural fact in all the things you do.